Puppy Training

Good habits, from the start

Being committed to a puppy is a big deal, feeling overwhelmed is completely understandable.  When I brought my first puppy, Indy, home I had a degree, a life time being surrounded by animals and an incredible mentor and I only just felt I was keeping my head above water! 

But the overwhelm passes, you gain your confidence, and by your side is the most incredible, intelligent friend you could ask for.  Ready to tackle anything with you, because you are a team.  

Our puppy training helps create a strong bond between you and your puppy based on mutual trust and respect.  

I will teach you how to help your puppy grow up to be a confident, well rounded member of the family and set some amazing foundations for the rest of their lives, and for whatever you may want them to do in the future.

We use reward based training and create an environment where we set your puppy up to succeed, encouraging all the right behaviours, from the start.  


Online Puppy Training


My Pupp-E course was born during the pandemic, through necessity, however it has stayed because it is invaluable!

It allows you to view and rewatch videos, break things down into quick to watch videos.  Gives you enrichment activities, insight into body language, development and key puppy stages as well as troubleshooting problems and training to boot!

Along with 80 videos, I can give you feedback on your own training too so we can tailor the training to your dog.  

It is an 8 week course, and you can work it at your own pace as you keep access to the videos forever! 

Image by David Clarke