Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.


Sadie & Barley

Fellowship Dog Training is truly accessible to all ages: like my 2.5yrs & 5yr old daughters being involved with training. Doing the puppy training sessions & teenage training absolutely gave us very solid training blocks to build up from and has resulted, we think, in one very happy family dog.

Brenda & Luther

I am very fortunate to have discovered Louise from the outset of owning a working cocker spaniel puppy. 4 years later WE have learned a lot and had much fun with activities such as Parkour, Hoopers, Mantrailing and much more.

Amy & Shadow

The online classes I did with my puppy during lockdown were insanely useful and insightful. The attention to detail that Louise gives to every video she posts for you to learn from is incredible. Then the feedback you get is personal and tailored to you and your dogs needs. Shadow and I would certainly do them again, can’t recommend this course enough!

Clare & Nessie

Nessie and I did online classes and it was great. Being able to watch videos more than once was helpful and once you get over your nerves on posting your attempts the 1:1 feedback was so
helpful and just as good as attending a face to face class. So don’t hold back. Get booked in. It’s a fabulous local resource