Louise Birkett

I started my dog training journey 8 years ago after graduating with a degree in Animal Behaviour and Training. I trained with an incredible force free gundog trainer who really helped me put the theory I had learned into practice. I saw just what could be achieved with kindness, trust and listening to the dog in front of you and it was FUN! Since then I have been working in class settings and one to one with dogs and owners to help dogs grow to be well mannered members of the family. 

I’ve worked with over 400 dogs and owners from puppyhood, through the teenage years and beyond (because training is never really finished!). My two huge training passions are puppy training and finding activities that owners can do with their dogs once all the “basic” training is done, the fun stuff, like parkour, mantrailing, gundog training and our activity classes. I love to train in a way that is low pressure and fun for both owners and dogs, because you're far more likely to stick with something if you're enjoying it right?

Whether you have a puppy or adult dog and are looking for things you can do together that goes beyond basic training. I offer a range of fun activities including gundog training, dog parkour, mantrailing or a taster course in several dog activities. At the minute COVID regulations mean only Mantrailing classes and one to one training are happening face to face over Winter.

I THRIVE on seeing a dog and owner working as a team, I love seeing the look of pride (or shock…for those of little faith) on the owners face when their dog “gets it” and understands what they are meant to be doing. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog and owner enjoying each other’s company. Which is why I started Fellowship Dog Training and love what I do.

So that’s me, and that’s the foundation for Fellowship Dog Training.

If you would like to know more drop me an email.

Thank you for reading