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Dynamic Dog Assessments


What is a Dynamic Dog Assessment? 

A dynamic dog assessment is a comprehensive look into your dog's daily life and how they move and carry themselves.

I help you gather videos and photos of your dog doing routine activities and critically evaluate the footage before compiling a report with evidence for you to take to your vet.

It Includes:

  • 90 Minute Deep Dive - to get to know everything about your dog and their routine.

  • Gathering Images and Videos of your dog - I guide you through this

  • Comprehensive Analysis of the evidence

  • Compiling a Vet Report

  • Support for you throughout the process

Why would a dog need a Dynamic Dog Assessment

A recent study carried out at Lincoln University by Daniel Mills found that approximately 80% of dogs that presented with behavioural issues had some form of undiagnosed pain that was a direct cause of, or a contributing factor to, the challenging behaviour.

Pain doesn't always present as a yelp or a limp. There are many subtle signs both physical and behavioural that can indicate pain or discomfort. Some of these signs can be easy to miss - or absent during a vet appointment, making the job of spotting potential issues even harder. By looking at a dogs whole world, from how they move, to how they sleep and poop, to their behaviour day to day.  I then compile the evidence and present it in a concise report, working with vets to get to the bottom of any potential issues.

Dynamic Dog Assessment 

Stand alone price £225

As part of a training package £150

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