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Freedom Field

COVID 19 : You cannot use the field if you have COVID 19

Please do not bring your dog if they are vomiting, have diarrhoea or are in season. 

Our field has 5-6ft fencing. 98% is 6ft, with only a small portion near the gate being 5ft.  It has chicken mesh on the lower half, so no sneaky terriers should be able to get out.  This also limits wildlife to the odd bird or vole, which usually make themselves scarce quickly.  

You will be the only occupant in the field so it is suitable for reactive dogs or dogs that just enjoy their own space.  We have a number of parkour obstacles for your dogs to explore.  

Our standard field hire is £10 per hour for up to 4 dogs from two households.  

Please keep dogs on leads until in the field and please don't arrive earlier than 2/3 minutes before your appointment so other field users can exit the field stress free. 

Please check out our orientation video before your visit.

Freedom Field: About Me
Freedom Field: Pro Gallery

Getting to know the Freedom Field

Please watch the video above before arriving at the field, as there might not be anyone here when you arrive.

Freedom Field: Video

Freedom Field Terms and Conditions

All users must agree to the Terms & Conditions before booking the Freedom Field.  

By using the facilities at Fellowship Dog Training, you (hereafter referred to as ‘The Client’), automatically agrees to these terms and conditions.


    1. All bookings are directly to the Client and may not be transferred to any other person without prior discussion with Fellowship Dog Training

    2. The Client uses the field entirely at their own risk.  Fellowship Dog Training accepts no liability for any injury or death of any persons or dogs or damage to property.  

    3. Fellowship Dog Training also accepts no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses or other liability incurred whilst onsite. The Client is solely responsible for their own actions and that of their dogs’ and no claim can be made against Fellowship Dog Training.  

    4. While on Fellowship Dog Training premises the Client is responsible for any damage done by any human or dog in their party.  

    5. All dogs must be covered under their own third party insurance (public liability insurance).

    6. The field is inspected daily and every effort is made to make sure it is secure.  However it remains the Client’s responsibility to ensure their dog(s)’ safety and security.  If you find any issues please contact Fellowship Dog Training on 07909754167 or email

    7. The fencing is between 5ft and 6ft high, it is chicken meshed on the lower half.  If you believe your dog may try and escape it is the Client’s responsibility to prevent this.  Fellowship Dog Training is not liable for any damages, injuries or costs arising as a result of an escaped dog.

    8. Dogs must be supervised at all time and must never be left in the field unattended.  

    9. The Client is responsible for providing fresh water for their dog.  

    10. All dogs should be up to date with flea treatment and wormer (or recent worm count) and be up to date with vaccinations or have a current titre test.   

    11. Puppies are welcome so long as they have had their vaccinations, exercise puppies and young dogs responsibly, they should not be allowed to jump on or off the parkour equipment.

    12. Dogs should only do what obstacles they are fit, able and willing to do.  They should not be forced to do anything.

    13. If your dog starts digging, please redirect them as soon as possible as a hole could be dangerous to other field users.  Fill in the hole as best you can and please notify Fellowship Dog Training as the the location of the hole.  

    14. The field contains planters full of dog safe plants and herbs, please don’t let dogs jump on or dig in the planters.  Fellowship Dog Training is not liable for any illness or injury caused as a result of dogs ingesting plants.

    15. Children are welcome but are the sole responsibility of the Client renting the field and must be supervised at all times.  

    16. Any damage to field toys & equipment must be reported to Fellowship Dog Training as soon as possible. 

    17. The parkour equipment is for dogs only.  Fellowship Dog Training accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained by dogs or humans using the field.  

    18. Fellowship Dog Training is a force free establishment, we do not allow harsh handling or the use of any corrective equipment such as choke chains, prong collars, e collars or corrective sprays to be used on the premises.  

    19. Failure to take away litter, broken toys or dispose of poo bags may result in the Client being refused future bookings. If you find any of the above left from previous bookings please inform us and pick it up if you are able.  

    20. There is NO smoking anywhere at Fellowship Dog Training.  

    21. There is NO grooming anywhere at Fellowship Dog Training.

    22. Bitches in season are NOT permitted at Fellowship Dog Training.

  2. Arrivals/Departure

    1. Please park near field gate away from the house and The Bike Barn.  

    2. It is the Client’s responsibility to check the field is empty before getting dogs out of vehicles

    3. If the field is in use during your time ring 0790975416.

    4. Dogs must be on lead from vehicle to field or field to vehicle 

    5. Please do not allow dogs to toilet/ scent mark in carpark or on the gate.

    6. Please remain in your vehicle until your appointed time. 

    7. Ensure gate is closed properly on entering and leaving the field.

    8. If you arrive late for your appointment you must still leave at the end of your appointed time, if you arrive late, contact Fellowship Dog Training and if there is no one in after you we may be able to extend your time. 

    9. Never enter the field if it is occupied by another person or dog(s).  

  3. Payment & Bookings

    1. Bookings last 60 minutes, please leave the field promptly at the end of your session and put your dog/s in your vehicle straight away.  If you overstay your appointed time, you may be refused bookings in the future.  

    2. Please do not arrive more than 2-3 minutes early to your appointment, as dogs using the field prior to you may be reactive or nervous and your presence could be very stressful.  If you arrive early please wait on the roadside until you are certain there is no one exiting the field. 

    3. Booking charges may be subject to change

    4. Bookings are £10 for 60 minutes for up to 4 dogs, then £1 extra per additional dog, with a maximum of 8 dogs - unless previously arranged with Fellowship Dog Training.  Payments are non refundable.

    5. All new clients MUST have watched the induction video before using the Freedom Field, this includes people visiting with existing clients.  

    6. Your dog must never be left unattended in the field.  


    1. Clients can re-schedule their appointment via the online booking system with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

    2. If Clients leave the field early, they will still be charged for the full session. 
      Fellowship Dog Training reserves the right to refuse any application for field hire without being required to give any reason for such refusal. As it also reserves the right to withdraw permission of use at any time.

    3. Fellowship Dog Training shall have the right to cancel any booking forthwith in the event that Fellowship Dog Training is affected by an emergency/’act of God’ of any kind. A full refund of any fees paid in these circumstances would be automatically given.


    1. Fellowship Dog Training is not liable for any death, damage, injury or loss to any person or animal while using the facility or the equipment within it, or to any third party as a result of any person or dog.

    2. If your dog(s), or any it lives with, is showing any signs of ill health (diarrhoea, vomiting, kennel cough, general lethargy etc) you must re-schedule the appointment. If this is at short notice, then please advise Fellowship Dog Training who will arrange this for you.

    3. If your dog(s) or any it lives with has suffered or is suffering from any illness/diarrhoea or vomiting within the last 48 hours please rearrange your session.  

    4. If your dog becomes ill after using the Freedom Field please contact us so we can disinfect the field.  

    5. If your dog vomits/ has diarrhoea in the field please contact Fellowship Dog Training so we can disinfect the area.

    6. All sessions must comply with Fellowship Dog Training’s reward-based training values. We reserve the right to cancel or end any session that may not comply.

    7. Never leave dogs unattended in the field and any dogs left in a vehicle must be settled and quiet.

    8. Please monitor the weather forecast and assess whether you and your dog will be comfortable in the weather that is forecast for your session. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

    9. We are an outdoor facility exposed to the elements; in winter the ground will be muddy and slippery, if it’s sunny it will be hot. We strongly advise you to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance if the weather is not suitable for you.

    10. Please be mindful when leaving Fellowship Dog Training, we are situated in the countryside and the road is often used by cyclists, horses and tractors.  Please limit speed along Bastle Road to 20mph


    1. The equipment is for canine use only. Before using the facility or the equipment within it, visit the vet to ensure that dogs are physically fit and strong enough to perform activities.

    2. Do not use equipment in wet or icy conditions as surfaces become slippery.

    3. Dogs must never be picked up and placed on obstacles.

    4. Never push dogs to do anything that they are not physically or mentally capable of. Allow dogs to go at their own pace and always give them the option of not doing something.

    5. Always start with small versions of skills practiced in a slow and controlled way with several repetitions. Shaping techniques (rewarding for each successive step that is closer to the final goal) are recommended. Ensure dogs warm up properly with several repetitions of smaller, slower, simpler behaviours prior to working on the more complicated skills.


    1. If you wish to use the field with a professional or if you are a professional and would like to use the field with your clients, please contact us.

    Fellowship Dog Training is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We hold your personal information in order to provide you with a service and for internal record keeping. Your name is needed to track payments and your email address is needed should we need to contact you in regards to your booking.

    By processing your booking, you consent to us using your personal information in the above ways

Freedom Field: About Me
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