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The fun stuff

If training is it really training?

I love the idea of dogs having "a job"...okay so job isn't really the right word, a pastime or hobby is more like it.  Something they enjoy doing so much with you that it adds layers into your relationship and the time you spend together.  

The more fun you and your dog are having, the less like work/training it is, and the more your dog will want to stick around you when they aren't "working".  

The activities I offer are low impact, suitable for all breeds and most importantly great fun! 

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Work with your dog to find a missing person

Mantrailing is one of the UK's fastest growing (and totally addictive) dog sports.

As a Mantrailing UK instructor I use only positive methods to ensure your dog enjoys the training as much as you do! 

We harness your dog's incredible nose to find and trail the scent of a specific "missing person".

It is low impact meaning it's suitable for any age and any breed.

As dogs are worked individually Mantrailing is suitable for nervous and reactive dogs, please contact me if you would like more information.

Dogs must trail on a harness. 

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Add control and confidence to your daily walks

Parkour is one of my favourite activities to do with my dogs, it can be adjusted to suit dogs of any age, breed, and physical abilities (my 10 year old lab still loves to practice parkour, even if it looks different than it did a few years ago!).

It gives us something fun to do together on walks and deepens our bond, on top of that, it is great for building confidence, core strength and stability and also lends itself to some awesome photo ops!

Parkour behaviours include 2 paws, 4 paws, in, around, balance through and many more.   

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Fun, Fast, Low Impact sport

Hoopers involves dogs going through hoops, round barrels and navigating tunnels, chutes and tango mats.  Courses are designed to be flowing with no tight turns so is suitable for all types of dogs.

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