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Who am I? And what is Fellowship Dog Training.

I'm here to introduce myself and Fellowship Dog Training.


I'm Louise Birkett, I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Animal Behaviour and Training, I'm a Mantrailing Global Instructor, IDPKA (Dog Parkour) instructor, Wag it! Games instructor, Dynamic Dog Practitioner and a few others too...

Quite simply I am slightly addicted to progressing my knowledge about dog training and dog wellbeing and sharing this knowledge with all you lovely people and your lovely dogs.

My passion is getting people as hooked on dog training as I am (so that you never leave mwhaha)...but seriously - I love keeping clients for life - because training never stops, it may evolve and the activities you do with your dogs may change, but it's a lifelong thing. And I'm so grateful to have clients (friends now) that have been with me for 7 or 8 years. I also love making training fun - because then it's never really training - just having a blast with your four legged friend - and other equally passionate dog guardians (also known as crazy dog people - we know it and are quite pleased with this title!).

I've been training for 10 years and running classes for 8. I love my gundog breeds - having grown up with gundogs in the family although Mabel the cheeky Teckel has a special hound-shaped place in my heart. I love gundog training for it's steadiness and focus and bonding/working in harmony with your dog, and love that I learned how to achieve this with kind and reward based methods.

My first dog - Indy was diagnosed with elbow arthritis at 4 which lead me to explore courses/dog sports and actives that can be done by all dogs or any ability/age/breed without being too formally competitive (I tend to go to pieces at competitions and I feel that it can lead me to put too much pressure on my dogs), which has lead me to Hoopers, Parkour, Wag it Games and DMWYD tricks. It also lead me to ACE work and my Dynamic Dog practitioner course - to improve my skillset and ability to detect possible signs of pain in dogs - so they can live their fullest pain free life.

So thank you for reading my rambling introduction and I hope to see you soon!

Louise 🌟

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